I am Lakota, My passion is
Advocating for Native
American & Human Rights.
I am Honored to be a
enrolled Member of the
Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Hau Kola! (Greeting Friend)

You ARE seeking a positive path for your future and I Thank You for
Searching here.

Turning dreams into reality doesn't happen overnight, but You will
feel really Good to know that AS each day passes our visions won't
seem SO far away.

As you do your research with my "self built" presentation web site you
will see my fundraising business helps make money for others, for my
family, our future, with real products and stable companies.

I started on a new path 4 years ago, learning and working a few hours
a week toward my vision of being self-employed again while helping
others.  Because of the integrity, generosity and low start-up costs of
these incredible companies, and what they offer to us, I found the
motivation to get started.  

Now people are actually thanking me for helping, sharing and leading!!.

I think when your job can truly make a HUGE Difference in the lives of
others…that's Passion, that's Spiritual, that's Happiness, that's Success!

The majority of my adult life has been passion and dedicated towards
helping individuals and organizations survive and succeed as you can
here on my volunteer record.  I  wrote about my struggles here.

I am dedicated to help you grow your business and will be honored
to help you work toward your success.

Whether you become my Customer or join me to obtain extra income,
more family time, tax relief, retirement, travel and freedom for the
future, I will do my very best to serve you well on your new path.

With much respect,
Mitakuye Oyasin! (All my Relations) We are all Related
Sandra Walking Eagle  970.314.2968        
-888-888-9802 ext 15667