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Cape Wind Project
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To: U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
Key Specifications/Special Features:

* Height 12 feet
* Foot Print 4 meters by 4 meters
* Generator: three-phase permanent magnet generator
* 100, 200 or 400 Amp
* 220 single phase
* 220 triple phase.
* Custom configurations available provide 100% of electrical needs
* Made for high efficiency, sturdy and durable, operating life 30-50 years
* The AFG for land use resist wind and sand, the AFG for ocean area
use resist salt fog and wetness
* 30 year warrantee with lifetime warrantee available in some areas
* Competitive prices Homeowners LESS than SOLAR
* Factory Installation on every unit

Financing available! Call for pricing details - Energy Tax Credits can save
you money apply today. ask your tax advisor if you qualify
What is the significance of this product Angular Force Generation?

By using AFG instead solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, coal or gas fired electrical generation all of which causes
greenhouse emissions in the manufacturing or use fuel to run. Our units will reduce greenhouse emissions
significantly and create thousands of jobs.

Being an American Made Product we will continue a tradition of ingenuity that our country is proud of.

AFG 100 amp 220 volt and our 200 amp 220 volt three phase units for homeowners are ready for less than the cost
of solar. Commercial production models available too. Our commercial production models can produce as well as
any size windmill without taking up the skyline or messing with sensitive environments for a fraction of the cost.
"No matter the heritage,
color or race
of your Ancestors,
NOW is the time
to be a part of
"History in the Making"
and to stand strong
in protection and help
for our Mother Earth
and all upon her!"

"Let the Drums be Heard!"

Native American &
Human Rights Advocates
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"You should be aware of new
(Multi Angular Force Generator)
technology that will make
windmill towers obsolete, like a
novelty item …like a ford Model A."  

-Paul Croskrey, President
Green Energy Store
Technology and Architecture

OBM-Global technology, the Angular Force Generator US Patent #61-241,480 (pending) is licensed to
manufacture and distribute exclusively in agreed upon regions.

This technology is the backbone of EES operation. Manufacturing and distribution rights allow us to
market this product anywhere in designated regions approved by OBM-Global.

What is Angular Force Generation?

It is an application of known physics, geometry and timing that creates gravity assisted motor. When
attached drive motor engages, the AFG it creates 2500% to 5000% more power then consumed.

OBM-Global Angular Force Generators (AFG) and Multi Angular Force Generators (MAFG) can
create huge amounts of horsepower and torque enough to drive the largest generators made.

OBM-Global AFG can be adapted to any size generator producing upward 500 amps. OBM-Global
MAFG in development will create over 5000 lbs of torque and will be able to run 1.8- megawatt

OBM-Global equipment placed underground meets or exceeds the most rigorist environmentalist
and needs no wind. It produces at 100% capacity 100% of the time. It makes no emissions.

The AFG and MAFG has made solar and wind power obsolete.
The Blessing, the Vision, the Walk

by Sandra Walking Eagle
Check out this most amazing invention. Seems to be more practical then
most I have seen.  Eco-Friendly gravity concept, no batteries, no emissions,
no harm to the winged ones or any creation, cost effective, cheaper than
solar and wind power, no intrusion on Mother Earth, her creatures and us
humans. Multi Angular Force Generator. It is said that in the near future,
the MAFG can produce enough power for; a house; a commercial building;,
a development; a city or entire state.

What a gift to the people of the world when this vision comes true!  
In the first of the two videos, you will see Matthew
pulling a cable to demonstrate the method concept
of the  perfected AFG which is now obsolete, it is
now a MAFG (Multple Angular Force Generator).
Yes, Let the Drums be Heard!
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Windless Windmill
Windless Windmill
Windless Windmill
Note:  Everyone is asking when the alternative energy "Windless Windmill" is set to launch
so they can start making money and getting Electricity.  Well,  because Al is a perfectionist
he had postponed the July 4th Independence Day launch of the MAFG (Multi Angular Force
Generator) because of a mere five second delay.

He didn't want you to turn on your air conditioner and have to wait one second for it to
start running.  That problem is almost solved and I will keep everyone on my list updated
as to the new launch date so you can be part of "History in the Making!"

The AFG is obsolete and has been replaced by the MAFG.