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Help the world get off the grid!
AFG Windless Windmills go public!
The Blessing, the Vision, the Walk

by Sandra Walking Eagle

07/04/2010  Everyone is asking when the alternative energy "Windless Windmill" is set to
launch so they can start making money and getting Free Electricity. Well, because Al is a
perfectionist he had postponed the July 4th Independence Day launch of the MAFG (Multi
Angular Force Generator) because of a mere five second delay. He... didn't want you to turn
on your air conditioner and have to wait one second for it to start running. That problem is
almost solved and I will keep everyone on my list updated as to the new launch date so you
can be part of "History in the Making!" Stay tuned


I have finished my assignments and have returned from Winter Park Colorado.  It was
awesome there and I especially enjoyed the fox families and the moose.  Didn't see any bears
but did see the high winds take down tree limbs and power lines.  Mother spreading her
seeds and cleaning the earth.  Massive Spring Cleaning there.  Which I am now doing here at
home.  The high Rocky Mountains are a good place to pray and seek visions.  When I
returned I was more determined to help with this most awesome energy project.  Thanks to
all who are sharing our visions.

Back to working on our biz plans and will be here to let you know how things are going.  
Launch day is still scheduled for July 4th so we are all scrambling to pull it all together.

Feel free to call me anytime with your ideas, suggestions or input.


I was hired for an assignment which could last until June 27th or until I finish the job.  This
will insure more working capital to keep going.  Also much thanks to my dear friends who
have helped me financially and emotionally during this struggle.  Thanks to Al, Matt, Paul,
Dennis, Rusty, Fieta, Bill, Sandy, Burgess, Beca and the COC organization all who have helped
with funding and emotional support during this struggle.  

We have a new plan in the making so when I return I will be working on that.  So for now,
because of the awesome help from my dear friends and associates I am not seeking any
funding.   Those who helped will not be forgotten.   


Still waiting for response of any kind from Tribal Leaders.  I have talked with representatives
and will let you know how that is going.


This week I was able to send introduction letters to representatives of the Standing Rock, Rosebud,
Oglala, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Cheyenne, Flandreau Sante councils.

Theresa Two Bulls, President of OST  was the first to respond immediately and directed me to the right
people.  The next day, Economic and Business Development Committee Coordinator, Jake Little,  sent
an enthusiastic letter requesting more information and had questions.  

I have not heard from the two representatives of Standing Rock who were introduced to the AFG
technology by my into letter and phone calls delivered by Earl Medicine, a tribal member, over a week

I am very disappointed that Tribal Representative are not as enthused about the AFG technology as we
are out here.  Maybe they are busy negotiating the implementation of wind energy towers or solar
projects or, are dealing with other important issues on behalf of our people.

Next week will know who's in or out to go forward


This week I sent letters and made calls to Advocates I know and trust to do what they can
for others.  It was hard to ask for help because as most know, Advocates struggle and suffer

When not looking for a job (very scarce here) I worked on the tribal letters and continued
research.  Pray funds come in soon to save my home and office or I might have to pack up.

I am now drained and out of working capital so I'm going to ask the people of all nations,
heritage and heart to help me obtain funds and resources to continue just in case the IRA
government intimidates our council members so they do not respond.

There are many out there who claim they help our people and I'm counting on them to help
me see this AFG project through.

I intend to post responses, help and selected comments I receive below.  I guess I'll see
where everyone stands in relationship to this proposal.

Next week I will write and call representatives of our nation and see what the response is.  I  and write
about my journey for all to see right here.  I think with the help of our nation OR true Human Rights and
Environments Advocates I can continue on to see our workers coop manufacturing plants started.


This week I received permission from Al to take the AFG public.  I have less than 30 days to
get response from the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nations.  I intended to go to the homelands to
present the plan but the lack of funding prevents that.  

I worked on a proposal from the Nations to help me with our plan, after all, tribal executives
are receiving funding for energy studies and they would surly look at what a tribal member
has to offer before they dump millions into building their wind towers and solar plants being
proposed by Huge corporate interests.  We'll see if they will help with this vision, or at least
offer a consideration.
"You should be aware of new
AFG technology that will make
windmills obsolete, like a
novelty item …like a
ford Model A."  

-Paul Croskrey, President
Green Energy Store