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In the first of the two videos, you will see Matthew
pulling a cable to demonstrate the method concept
of the  perfected AFG (Angular Force Generator).
Q & A

Here are the Questions Received so far

Q.  In the video, why is the AFG so loud?

A.   Because of the environment and the motor used to demonstrate.  The final prototype will be 1/3      
the noise of central air, if that.

Q.   In the video, why is someone making the AFG turn?

A.   The video was made to give you an idea of the technology.  The final AFG production model which      
is being produced now is using state of the art equipment and parts, including special made sensors.  The
video was made with the intent to show you the concept of the technology only.   In the first of the two
videos, you will see Matthew pulling a cable to demonstrate the method concept of the perfected AFG
(Angular Force Generator).  The final AFG production model will have no belts, cables or pulies.

Q.   We were going to build a wind farm or solar plant, why should we now consider the AFG?

A. I could go on all day with this answer, but most is answered throughout these presentation pages.       
Here are a few of my thoughts, you decide.  

- using windmill tower and solar technology we will never get off the grid.
- big battery storage and maintenance
- must rely on the wind and the sun to produce energy
- the AFG will be 2/3 cost of solar
- environmentally safe

Read these letters for more reasons

Q.   I have never heard of Al Caggiano, the inventor, what can you tell me about him?

A. He is a Advocate for Human Rights and like me, he will and has, given his life for what he believes.  You
can read about him in the article written about him, linked below,.  You will see the reason why he is so
passionate in his vision to bring the AFG and his other inventions to the world for the benefit and survival
of all.   Large corporate and government interests in forcing us to make massive amounts of money for
themselves at all costs has to Stop now.  I believe he is a kindred spirit and a kind, generous, humble
man.  I truly love this brother with such awesome visions for our Oyate.

Go Here for Renovation Press Article about Al Caggiano the inventor of the AFG

Q.   I want off the grid, when will the AFG be available to purchase?

A.   We are moving fast.  Manufacture licenses to build the AFG is in progress.  Because of Al's passion for
the Sioux nations he is giving us the first license to manufacture at a extremely low cost.  

We are taking pre-orders now.  If you are interested in the AFG fill out the form below to join our mailing
list.  The product launch is scheduled for Independence day July 4, 2010 in South Carolina.  The media,
including the History Channel is expected to be there for the celebration.

Q.   Why are you asking for funding?

A.   I'm like Al, I live simple and we do not want to take on investors who will drain us dry by taking all the
profits.  He has been offered millions.  The funding I am asking for is to help me stay afloat to see our
people benefit from this even if we Native American Advocates have to build the plants on the homelands
ourselves.  Enough is Enough, our people are the poorest in the nation and to see our relatives suffer and
struggle to pay their electric bills and elders, children and the sick get their electricity disconnected is
heartbreaking regardless of ones nationality.  

Writing a workers coop and coop structure to benefit the entire nation and getting our plan implemented is
most important to me.  Our Nations could make millions even billions to help them heal from all the
disappointments and broken promises of the past.  We can help turn things around and we should always
try.  I have already drained my finances to get this far.  I am not asking for much, just help to take this to
the people I trust.  I am also willing to sell a few shares in my fund-raising company, Whirlwind Enterprises,
Inc. to a few honest people willing to help.  There are people out here that will help me see this through for
the benefit of all.

Go Here to see the truth about this walk and the responses, you'll be amazed.

Go Here to read about me and my visions.
"You should be aware of new
AFG technology that will make
windmills obsolete, like a
novelty item …like a
ford Model A."  

-Paul Croskrey, President
Green Energy Store
The Blessing, the Vision, the Walk

by Sandra Walking Eagle