April 14, 2010

Re: Request for Funding
Business Grant or Loan

To all Native American & Human Rights Advocates,

This new technology, AFG, can eventually help the masses, because it has the potential to power an
entire home, business, complex, city and state with totally free electricity.  Our marketing is in place
to blast the news of the AFG on a Global basis July 4, 2010.

Because of the generosity of Allen & Mathew Caggiano, Whirlwind has already secured a verbal
manufacturing licensing commitment from OBM Global for a low cost to the tribe, saving us millions.
They will put that in writing for you and will be presented at the time my fee is paid.  You may contact
the inventor, Allen Caggiano or his legal representative at any time at 843-277-0582.

As I said, corporate energy companies and big business have offered the inventors millions for the
rights to manufacture the AFG.  

The Lakota Nation will be charged less than $40,000, (interest free loan), for the rights to manufacture
and sell the AFG.  The only thing OBM-Global is asking for is 10% royalty on the retail profit sold on
non-tribal lands.  As I said before, this is HUGE!

To complete your plan within 60 days we will need $6,000 plus travel and lodging expenses to come
there to work with your council, economic committees and tribal members to help with the OBM-Global
contract negations and structures of the final plan acceptable to all parties.

Extra expenses will include; but not limited to;  Laptop, printer, web services, cell phone, office supplies,
travel expense, vehicle, legal, accounting, printing, office fees, 501(c)3 filing if necessary to structure the
workers Co-Op.  Tribal resources can probably help with these expenses, supplies, personnel, or office

I have started contacting the Lakota Nations starting with Sitting Bull’s homelands at Standing Rock
because he was the last of the Lakota to lay down his weapon.

By joining us in this vision you can help put people to work this year and the extra jobs might bring
people back home.  I run into our people out in the work force who would love to come back to the
homelands if there were jobs.

We will not have to give up massive amounts of money and land commitments to do this.  

Again, time is of the essence so please respond as to your consideration to help us implement this
Economic Sovereignty business plan for our nations.

The fee I am asking is less than the amount I was making at my last job and before I started this
project and does not reflect the amount of work done so far.  
Should the nations not be interested in
doing business with us on the homelands, then advocates are getting prepared to use our own lands and
sources to see the project through for the benefit of the Oyate.

Please call Al or myself anytime.

Pilamaya yelo,
Thank you with all my heart,

Sandra Walking Eagle Matchen, President
Whirlwind Enterprises, Inc.
By Whirlwind Enterprises Network (WEN) Advocacy  
Friends of the Oyate Wakan
"You should be aware of
new AFG technology
that will make windmills obsolete,
like a novelty item …like a ford Model A."  

-Paul Croskrey, President
Green Energy Store
"I look at Dreamtime and write down what I see. We are going through
such a massive restructuring of life as we know it. Many things have
gone away; many things have come to be so simple.
Many things will never be here again.
Timing is not flowing right now.
The planet is at a dead stop.
Only those who are at the bottom can see this.
Only those in the simplest of places can perceive that.
We jump into the Whirlwind and hope that the next stop will
be different, and it is all the role of our choices that
bring us along on our path to the next point."

I love you,
Peggy Spenser
Seventh Sage Community

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Our friends Burgess & Becky Roye
have been W.E.N. Supporters for
years.  We offer you this 11"x17"
signed Burgess Roye watercolor
print with help of a
Business Grant
Learn about Burgess Roye
Global Artist & Poet
Ponca Nation

Burgess Roye
132 Ponca Dr
Ponca City,  OK  74601

Good News Sandra:

Here are the results of the ACHP review and their recommendation to Salazar.

Thank you for making comments.


Federal Advisory Council for Historic Preservation Recommends that Secretary Salazar Deny or  
Relocate Cape Wind

“This is a great victory for the people of Cape Cod and the Islands, the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts and all citizens of this country who care deeply about protecting national treasures
like Nantucket Sound. The federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) has today
recommended that Secretary Salazar deny or relocate the proposed Cape Wind project because its
effects would be ‘pervasive, destructive, and, in the instance of seabed construction, permanent.
By their nature and scope, the effects cannot be adequately mitigated at the proposed site.’

The ACHP has joined a chorus of Native American tribal leaders, state and federal historic
preservation agencies, environmental groups, cities and towns, elected officials, and many other
stakeholders in rejecting outright the construction of an industrial wind power plant in Nantucket
Sound.  The ACHP recognizes that Cape Wind is incompatible with the rich historic and tribal
resources of Nantucket Sound and as such the project should be denied or relocated to a better site
with fewer adverse impacts. The Cape and Islands community of stakeholders has endorsed such a
site outside of Nantucket Sound – South of Tuckernuck Island. Secretary Salazar must heed these
objections and either reject Cape Wind entirely or move the project to this alternate compromise

         -  Audra Parker, president and CEO of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound

To read the ACHP's recommendation in its entirety visit our website at
Letters to the Editor

Cape Wind Project
- Go Here -
To: U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
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Whirlwind Enterprises, Inc.
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