April, 8, 2010

Dear Tribal Nation Members and Leaders , and To whom it may concern,

We are working on Economic Sovereignty Proposal to bring to the table of all indigenous nations,
starting with our Lakota - Dakota - Nakota Oyate, known by many as the Great Sioux Nation and
the last nation to loose freedom on American soil.  

Our plan will show our nations how they can manufacture technology to produce and sell green
electricity and generators and will show how our nations will become leaders in helping to take
individuals off the grid.  
This is Huge! This is History in the Making!

Our proposal will also show how our nations can greatly improve and sustain our economy,
environment, education and community on tribal lands.  

This isn’t solar, wind, geo-thermo, nuclear, coal, natural gas…nothing destructive to our Mother
Earth.  It is Angular Force Generator technology, licensed by patent holders who are standing
strong to insure indigenous nations benefit first.  These individuals have a Wakan vision!

The AFG technology combines the Angular Force Generator and Multiple Angular Force Generator,
gravity, anti-gravity, centrifugal force, momentum, weight, balance and timing together, resulting in
a new technology that has the potential to power an entire home, business, complex, city and state
with totally free electricity.

The inventors and patient holders of AFG technology, Allen and Mathew Caggiano, OBM-Global,
and their manufacturer representatives of AFG technology have asked me to become a liaison
who will help build relationships between them and our Native Nations interested in the formation
and implementation of Co-Op green electric generation and generator manufacturing plants on
tribal lands for the benefit of all our people there.  

Most know that over the years I have advocated to bring attention for Native Sovereignty and
healing of our Mother and this plain will bring us closer to see it come true for our indigenous peoples.   

Imagine how a plan of this magnitude can effect the future generations of all?  With the vast income
produced, our nations will have the economic resources to implement other projects, including but
not limited to: humanitarian; education; environmental; community.

With a plan such as this, a nation can be energy efficient without giving up land or our precious

If properly run, no one living on tribal lands will suffer during the winter as now, or go hungry.  The
proceeds could offer opportunity for our nations to buy back stolen lands and the purchase of new
lands in various areas.  This will be a much needed addition to gambling casinos which have not
brought massive help to ALL the people as promised.   

This Healthy proposal plan will eventually benefit all who have stood for the life rights and protection
of our Mother (Earth) as the product is marketed to the end users, the millions of consumers and
business who want off the grid!  

Not only will this plan show a sizeable income and job force creation, it will also give additional honor
and respect (so greatly deserved) to the Native Nations for their continued stance in the protection
of Mother Earth regardless of the material benefits proposed in the past.

In conclusion, the Native peoples will be the builders of this ground-breaking technology.

Time is of the essence!  

Corporate energy companies and big interests are already knocking on the door to get in.

Please don’t let our people loose a great opportunity.!

I could go on all day as to the benefits of this plan.  Millions of dollars are being invested in
marketing and India has ordered the first units and wishes to produce thousands of units.
The Cherokee tribe is making visits to the inventors' workshop in South Carolina.

We would like to request an audience with those who decide the fate of the people there.  We
wish to get support from around the world.

As the inventors Allen and Mathew Caggiano wishes, this will be a no-greed co-op proposal.  Please
contact us so we can show you how this can all come together for us.  
Previous questions are here

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Pilamaya yelo,
Thank you with all my heart,

Sandra Walking Eagle
Sandra Walking Eagle, Representative
Whirlwind Enterprises, Inc.
By Whirlwind Enterprises Network (WEN) Advocacy
Friends of the Oyate Wakan
Letters to the Editor
Cape Wind Project
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To: U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
"No matter the heritage,
color or race
of your Ancestors,
NOW is the time
to be a part of
"History in the Making"
and to stand strong
in protection and help
for our Mother Earth
and all upon her!"

"Let the Drums be Heard!"

Native American &
Human Rights Advocates
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"You should be aware of new AFG
technology that will make windmills
obsolete, like a novelty item …like a
ford Model A."  

-Paul Croskrey, President
Green Energy Store
Economic Sovereignty Project for Indigenous Nations
The Blessing, the Vision, the Walk

by Sandra Walking Eagle