"This product, in my opinion, represents the single most
important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my
life time.  I believe it will revolutionize, change, and
transform the practice of medicine world-wide and
make Dr Robert Keller more famous than
Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine."
-Dr. John C. Nelson,
159th President of the American Medical Associatio

When your work can truly make a
HUGE difference in the lives of
others...that's Passion,
that's Spiritual,
that's Happiness,
that's Success!
-  No other product of it's kind compares
-  Creditability & Integrity
-  Three products with passion and need
-  Scientifically Proven with Patients
-  Approved by the Athletic Banned Substance
Screening Program -
-  Sweeping US, Canada and now the Philippines
where this  product is in big demand
- Retention Rate CLOSE TO 90%
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PROSPECTS:   (on-line/off-line)
-  Everyone who values their health
-  Anyone who wants to try to live longer
Speciality Groups:
- Employee/Business Wellness Programs
- Income Opportunity Seekers
- Medical & Wellness Field
- Athletic Programs & Groups
- Wellness Groups & Clubs
- Soldiers & Military Groups
- Smokers  (for the  lungs)
- Drinkers (for the liver)

-  Your own Web Sites, Flash Pages
-  Back Office Auto-responder
-  Professional Brochures
-  Excellent professional Videos & TV spots

-  Excellent Leadership, Training & Support  
-  Financial Stability

-  Low Cost Start-up - No inventory required
-  Massive Income Potential
-  Paid Weekly & Monthly
-  7 ways to earn
-  2 Tier Structure - Not a Pyramid
-  Lifetime of residual income (Repeat Sales)
-  Bonus Pools  - - Luxury Car Program  

To Those who Share the Vision
Clip Art 4 U
"This year I danced hard for four days at a our Sun Dance Ceremony.
Each day, and for days afterwards I was so surprised to not have
ANY pain, anywhere.  I have been taking Max-GXL and N-Fuse daily
for 2 months and I feel GREAT!."

"If you want REAL cellular energy, less stress, improved memory
and truly get a good sleep, then I highly recommend the Quality and
Integetry of Max International products and company.
                      -Sandra Walking Eagle
Without the real fuel for Cellular Energy and
Protection HOW can any Individual or
Employee/Business Wellness program be complete?
No worries,
No life threatening side-effects,
No Horror stories!
It's Legal, It's Safe, It Works!
Triple Board Certified...That's no easy Task...
I'm glad, we now have
Bio-Medicine Technology.
We are discovering the
answers through Mother
Nature and in our own Bodies.
We now have our own TV Episodes to help
you grow your business and help others!
Imagine you could have the founders of Max International in your home for a
business opportunity meeting. Imagine now if they were accompanied by the Max
Executives, world class athletes on MaxGXL, and doctors and medical researchers
for MaxGXL. Well that is EXACTLY what is going to happen. We will be taking one full
hour on Prime Time TV every Monday night on Direct TV to bring these individuals
into YOUR home. Episodes will air at:

*   7:00 PM Pacific
*   8:00 PM Mountain
*   9:00 PM Central
* 10:00 PM Eastern
The Max Plan has been proven
as one of the most innovative
and unique compensation plans
ever in network marketing.
Important Disclaimer Notice:
As with all natural products, these statements have
not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. The products are not intended for
use in the treatment or cure of any disease.